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Course Info

Friendly reminders from the Course Staff:

  • Follow all posted signage
  • Fix divots on greens and tee boxes
  • Fill divots on fairway with sand
  • Smooth bunker irregularities
  • 90° out to ball and back to path


Hazard Markings

Red = Lateral Hazard
Yellow = Hazard
White = Out of Bounds


Yardage Markers

Yellow = 200 yards
White = 150 yards 
Red = 100 yards


Local Rules

  1. Stakes mark the boundaries.  Out of bounds penalty is stroke and distance.
  2. Use cart paths where provided.  Keep all carts at least 30 feet away from greens and tees.
  3. A licensed driver must accompany each golf cart.
  4. Playing privileges may be denied anyone violating golf rules or abusing fairways or greens.
  5. Soft spikes only!
  6. Please stay out of neighbors yards with carts.

Contact Us

West Liberty Golf & Country Club
1248 Country Heights Lane
West Liberty, IA 52776
Phone: 319-627-2085

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